Metabolic Approach to Cancer Master Course

For most, cancer is the most elusive, cunning, adaptable, intelligent, and innovative disease in history, fear in its wake.

The Metabolic Approach To Cancer Practitioner Master Course is an immersive clinical oncology course. It includes didactic lectures, interactive patient case studies, mentoring sessions with Dr. Nasha Winters, live monthly sessions with program fellows, graduates and Dr. Nasha Winters all coordinated through an online platform. The online forum serves up the latest case studies, industry research and support from colleagues. The course content is structured to appeal to various learning styles with a mix of reading, video, live discussion and application. The didactic hours are all available virtually and self-paced and live sessions are recorded and made available for review during the course.

Providing a better and more hands on experience for each practitioner. Practitioners join us from a variety of medical backgrounds, cultural influences and countries which broadens perspectives and lends to a better awareness and understanding for all participants.


To realize our mission, we will engage and build
a community of like-minded and passionate clinicians.

Provide best practices for implementing
The Metabolic Approach methodology.

Work with the practitioners to adopt and onboard
a new methodology into their practice

A transformative experience
to your clinical practice

Help create a practice that is built with a community
of support including terrain advocate

Join A Global Community

You will be working with like-minded practitioners, changing the way medicine is practiced from a tumor-focus to a patient-centric, data informed, outcomes-based approach. You will be lowering recurrence rates, improving quality of life and eventually, preventing cancer all together. This master course is just the start. If you have a passion to change the face of cancer, join our mission, join our community and be a part of changing the standard.

Dr. Nasha Winters, Founder & CEO

Recruiting Now for February 2023

Deeply Analyze a Case

There are many nuances and intricacies of implementing a metabolic approach to cancer. Dr. Nasha will guide you to deeply analyze each individual’s case.

Evaluate Best Options

Cancer treatment options evolve quickly. Dr. Nasha will guide you to choose the best therapies. 

Empower Your Patients

Feel confident in meeting each patient where they are in the moment and get equipped to guide them on a path to health.

What is required to be eligible to participate?

  • One or more of the following credentials: MD, DO, ND, DC, PA, NP, DRN, DOM, Dipl.OM, LAc, FABNO
  • Must be able to order labs/imaging/prescribe, or practice with a medical professional approved to do so.



Dr. Nasha Winters, has been on a personal journey with cancer since 1991. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey. Dr. Nasha travels the world to explore integrative cancer clinics, vet cancer protocols for research projects, speak at conferences, and meet with colleagues to help them apply metabolic approaches with their patients.

Steve Ottersberg is a Biochemist by training and entrepreneur by trait with over 30 years of leading disruption in the medical community.

Senior researcher and Medical director of The Egyptian Foundation for Research and Community Development, applying his science in Clinical metabolism, Cancer metabolism and Clinical applied biochemistry, hoping to develop better outcomes for cancer patients using his methods to optimize conventional therapy provided to cancer patients and improving their outcomes and quality of life.